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Beko Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine. Twin.

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Beko Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine. Twin.

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This is truly an amazing machine...a technological marvel!  It really makes a great tasting Turkish coffee in just few minutes with lots and lots of push of a's like magic!       

This Arçelik/Beko Turkish Coffee Machine received the iF Design Award, at an awards ceremony held at the opening of CeBIT, the world’s biggest information technology fair, in Hanover, Germany - one of the world’s most prestigious awards. It was selected as the best industrial design product in 2005. (world famous brand names such as Samsung, Adidas, Canon, BMW, and Volkswagen are among the iF award winners since it began in 1954)

It is innovative, creative and ergonomically designed.  Arçelik/Beko has patented it's features including the cook-sense technology, spin-jet technology and anti-spill technology.

With this Turkish Coffee Machine, Arçelik/Beko combined the superior technology with traditional Turkish taste, delivering the traditional Turkish coffee experience practically and quickly.  It also makes it possible to prepare coffee for  four people at the same time  with its two different brewing units that can be used independently.  This high-end technology product, which “tells” the user when the coffee is ready and thus eliminates the trouble of waiting, stirring, and adjusting to achieve the best possible taste; makes it possible to prepare two separate brews with different tastes.  It offers the choice of making  black coffee, coffee with little, medium or plenty of sugar according to individual taste. It can make 4 cups of coffee in only 2.5 - 3 minutes and has a one-liter water tank. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in small places and is also remarkably easy to clean.

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