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Versawhip Modified Soy Protein 600K 454gm. Versawhip Modified Soy Protein 600K 454gm.

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Versawhip Modified Soy Protein 600K 454gm.

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Versawhip is a pure enzymatically treated soy protein, which can be hydrated with water and whipped to make a foam.

It can replace egg-albumen, or gelatin.

Use less product than egg white white powder.

Foams are more stable, and give better flavour release.

Can be used for cold or hot foams.

Advantages include consistent foam quality without risk of over beating, greater heat and acid tolerance, and reduced microbial risk.

Due to its more specialized use, Versawhip is a less commonly utilized but important modernist foam ingredient to discover. Versawhip is a soy protein that replaces egg whites or gelatin in the stabilization of various types of whipped foams. Surprise your guests by adding an interesting textural element to your dish!


Versawhip is used similarly to egg whites or gelatin in the stabilization of foams, especially whipped ones. It has greater strength than egg whites and a wider temperature range than gelatin. Even though Versawhip will not work with products containing fat, it does foam well with very acidic ingredients.

Versawhip is best mixed in a standing blender that is running as the powder is sprinkled in. Versawhip must sit to work well, so refrigerating the mixture for several hours helps to create more durable foam. You can foam the mixture either by whipping it or by charging it in a whipping siphon.

By itself, Versawhip will create an airy foam in low concentrations and a creamier, but still airy foam in higher concentrations. To make the foam more springy, dense and stable use xanthan gum in combination with Versawhip. By adding sugar the foam becomes creamier and denser.

Independently, Versawhip tastes bitter and metallic, but since such a small quantity is incorporated, it doesn't have an impact on the food. However, the foam is normally sweetened or made with a strong tasting liquid to mask any chance of those flavors coming through. Versawhip is used with emulsion, foam and thickening techniques.


With its consistent whipping performance this modernist ingredient is widely found in sugar confectionery products. However, Versawhip has been around awhile; it was used as early as the 1950s to fortify non-dairy creamer and whipped creams. Versawhip is a good choice when making vegan meringues, macaroons and foams.


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