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Clement Fragure French Chestnut Puree 439gm Clement Fragure French Chestnut Puree 439gm

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Clement Fragure French Chestnut Puree 439gm

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You need some of this in your cupboard! Chestnut Pureé can be used for any type of baking and cake making. Put it in the centre of eclairs, use it to stick biscuits together, put it in the centre of cakes. It’s wonderful, wonderful stuff.

This product is unsweetened so you can use it in savoury dishes too. If your recipe calls for sweetened chestnut puree, add more sugar or honey to the recipe until you reach a sweetness you like.


Perfect served with poultry or added to vegetarian nut loaves.  No colourings or preservatives.  French product.


From a customer:


"Hi Dean,


Here’s the flour-less, chestnut chocolate and rosemary cake.


The chestnut puree was very solid and needed to be beaten and sweetened before adding to the mix. It made a densely textured cake with subtle flavours and the recipe was from an English magazine."


Picture of this cake is shown. Well done!

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