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Korean Red Pepper paste - Gochujang. 170gm. Korean Red Pepper paste - Gochujang. 170gm.

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Korean Red Pepper paste - Gochujang. 170gm.

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Gochujang is Korea’s traditional fermented condiment. It is a red hot paste made of steamed rice or barley, rice cake powder, or rice porridge mixed with fermented soybean powder, salt, and red pepper powder. 

Gochujang is widely used in all kinds of Korean food to give them their signature taste. Specifically, it is an important ingredient in bibimbap, tteokbokki (rice cakes in hot sauce), gochujang stew, and bibimguksu (noodles with vegetables and gochujang). Gochujang is also a key component in a number of other Korean stews, fried foods, and salads that are grabbing the attention of food lovers worldwide.

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