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Dried Shitake Mushrooms. 500gm.

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Dried Shitake Mushrooms. 500gm.

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Dried shiitake mushrooms (干香菇, gan xiang gu) are made from smoked fresh shiitake mushrooms, and they have an intense smoky flavor and a meaty texture. Dried shiitake mushrooms are one of the most important ingredients in Chinese cooking, and are widely used in stews, soups, braised dishes, and stir fried dishes. They have a very concentrated flavor and most of the time cannot be replaced by fresh shiitake mushrooms.


How to prepare dried shiitake mushrooms


Cover the mushrooms in boiling water.


Cover with plastic wrap to stop heat escaping.


Soak for 20 minutes.


The mushrooms should almost double in size.


Drain and strain the liquid and use in stocks and soups.


Discard the stems or keep them for making stock– they're too tough to eat.


Slice the mushrooms and add to stir-fries, soups and curries.

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