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Gelatine Leaves. 1kg.

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Gelatine Leaves. 1kg.

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Leaf gelatine is the gelatine of choice for most professional chefs because it sets clearer and with a much smoother consistency than powdered gelatine. It imparts none of its own flavour into the dish which is a concern in a professional kitchen with powdered gelatine. 

Professional chefs prefer sheets over powdered because leaf Gelatine will set clearer, as a cleaner tasting gel, (sometimes powders have anti-caking agents and other impurities, resulting in a pasty, more opaque gel with a “dirtier” flavour.)


Pure protein, contains no fat, carbohydrate or allergens.


Approximately 4 Leaves is equivalent to 15g of powdered Gelatine.

Ideal for deserts, mousses, terrines, etc.

Approximately 500 sheets.

Product of Germany.

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