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Mutti Pizza Sauce. 4.1kg. Mutti Pizza Sauce. 4.1kg. Mutti Pizza Sauce. 4.1kg. Mutti Pizza Sauce. 4.1kg. Mutti Pizza Sauce. 4.1kg. Mutti Pizza Sauce. 4.1kg. Mutti Pizza Sauce. 4.1kg.

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Mutti Pizza Sauce. 4.1kg.

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Did you know that some of our tomatoes are grown at the heart of Italy's famed gastronomic valley in Emilia Romagna? Tomatoes and wheat have been among the principle crops produced on the plains of Po and the Apennine slopes for over a century. These two are closely linked: each restores to the soil what the other removes.

This virtuous circle gives the fruit of our labour some unique characteristics. Since it was first introduced, tomato cultivation has always been alternated with other plants. This practice helps to enrich the soil with many different nutrients so it is always fertile and rich. Exploring a tomato plantation during the summer harvest is a truly unique experience.

Mutti Pizza Sauce is the ideal way to master the art of Italian pizza.

Made from fresh tomatoes, its slightly thicker texture is characteristic of artisanal products.

This tomato sauce is seasoned with a hint of oregano and basil, which are the typical flavours used on Italian pizzas.


Pizza Margherita with Mutti Pizza Sauce

Ingredients (for  4 servings)

1kg Flour for pizza

15g Fresh yeast

500g Warm water

90g Extra vrgin olive oil

30g Salt

10g Sugar

350g Finely chopped Tomato by Mutti or Pizza sauce water down ready

500g Chopped Mozzerella



In a plastic bowl mix the water with oil, salt, yeast and sugar.

Knead the flour with the rich water for 10 minutes.

Divide the dough in five balls and leave them in a warm place for 4 hours.

Spread dough, put tomato on top and then cover with Mozzarella.

Cook in a professional wood oven for 2-3 minutes at 350° C.

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