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The Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate with Vanilla Pulse.

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The Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate with Vanilla Pulse.

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The Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate with Vanilla Pulse

Now you can really indulge yourself with this divine drinking chocolate inspired from stories dating back to antiquity. According to the stories of old, Aztec Indians mixed Vanilla and Cocoa together to make what was known as the “Drink of the Kings”. 

With its core business imbedded in both Vanilla and Cocoa it is only natural that Equagold should bring to the market a drinking chocolate that takes its origins from antiquity. 

Each 500 gram pack of The Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate comes with its own 15ml bottle of Vanilla Pulse – a concentrated pure vanilla extract. Try it without the Vanilla and then taste the drink as it develops a velvet smooth flavour with the blend of a few drops of Vanilla Pulse. Approximately 1 slightly rounded table spoon or two to three heaped teaspoons per cup is enough to make between 15 and 20 drinks in from every 500 gram box. 

If you’re not into sickly sweet chocolate drinks then this drink’s ideal for you. It contains 23% Equagold Dutch (bitter sweet) Cocoa plus cane sugar and Malto Dextrine with a hint of flavour.

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